Year 2 - Spring 1

This half term, Year 2 have been doing a topic all about the most rancid, vile, DISGUSTING couple ever - the Twits!

We began our topic by reading about all of the hideous pranks the Twits played on each other! We researched other prank ideas and then came up with our own!


We also wrote a diary entry from the perspective of the poor frog who was shoved into Mrs Twit's bed!

Ava-Jade – I was sleeping in my pond when a revolting, smelly, hairy man grabbed me and put me in a small brown box. I was so scared! He put me in a bed. When someone came into the bed I jumped on her feet! The feet smelt like rancid cheese!

Elsie – I was relaxing in my cosy, warm habitat when a smelly man put me in a damp box! Then he put me in a rotten bed. I was getting freaked out. I didn’t know what was happening! I jumped up and saw a horrible body! Then I saw some water and I went up to it and got myself cosy. I started to drift off to sleep. I slept in that water all night. I was so relaxed it felt like I was having a massage! I felt like I could live in that cosy, cool water for my entire life!

Joseph – I was quietly sleeping in my pond when a rancid, old man picked me up and put me in something dark and mouldy. I began to ribbit like mad! He threw me in an old bed. A rude lady got into bed and I climbed onto her feet. Her feet had dead flies and bits of soil in the toe nails! Mrs Twit screamed and fainted. Mr Twit got a jug of water and tipped it on her face. How fun it was to jump on the pillow all night long!



The Twits!

In Science, we have been learning all about life cycles of different animals. We looked a the different stages of human growth and then looked at how different animals grow.

In Geography, we have been learning all about Kenya! We have been looking at what the weather and climate is like, what animals live there, what the houses are like and what it is like to go to school there!

During Growing Time, we have been learning lots of new things!

In Art, we created drawings of the Roly Poly Bird from our focus book, then used different media to colour them We experimented with types of paint e.g. watercolour and acrylic, and also with collage!