Year 1 - Spring 1

Friendship & Growth mindset

This half term in English we looked at The Day The Crayons Quit and Oliver's Vegetables. Through Drama the children enjoyed exploring the Crayons. They hot-seated each crayon as a character to develop further understanding into characterisation. Their final write was a letter to explain to the boy in the story how he could help the crayons. The children looked at different letters and the features of letter writing. 

Oliver's Vegetables provided another genre of writing for the children. Rabbits Class had great fun with this topic and all wrote fantastic riddles. They used their own senses in a practical way, to generate vocabulary to apply in their final write. Rabbits Class loved playing the What am I? riddle game to explore the style and features of riddles! 

During Growing Time this half term the children investigated and learned about seeds and plants. They created their own Grass Heads and recorded what they seeds needed in order to grow.

Art this half term the children explored colour mixing. They learned about primary and secondary colours and created colourful colour wheels which they could apply to their own painting. 

Maths focused on place value, addition and subtraction to 30. The children applied their knowledge to one -step word problems.

In addition to this the children enjoyed the 2p and 10p Seed Shop. This encouraged the children to count in twos and tens. The children also linked  their maths to a real life context and were able to solve problems in the Seed Shop using their mathematics knowledge.