Year 1 - Autumn 2

We found a pile of leaves that had blown into the classroom and we looked at the cover of Leaf Man. We predicted who Leaf Man was and where he might have come from.

We explored the leaves, making our own transient leaf pictures and taking photos of them on the iPad. 

We went on a leaf hunt in the churchyard and collected things that had fallen from trees. We used these to create our own Leaf Man, problem solving how to stick the leaves to the paper. We had to decide whether PVA, sellotape or a glue stick would be most effective. 

We looked at maps and geographical features in the local area and used this information to decide where our Leaf Man might have travelled. We planned our own story maps and wrote our own Leaf Man books. 

See our home learning for this term here.

During Maths, we have been learning how to share shapes, objects or amounts and recognising that both parts need to be equal. 

We have also been understanding what equality is by practically exploring and writing number stories. We have used the balance scales to prove these with numicon.

We have also been sorting and describing different 2D and 3D shapes according to their properties. 

We have been practising grouping and counting objects into 2s. 

We wrote poems about autumn leaves and practised using verbs ending with -ing. We were able to choose and play with different vocabulary before we wrote our poems. 

As part of our topic on nocturnal animals, we retold the Flashlight story from the point of view of the boy. We used our verbs ending in -ing again to describe what the animals are doing. We also used the microphones to practise telling the story verbally before we wrote it. 

In our last topic of the year, we had to convince Willy Wonka to keep making chocolate! This meant coming up with some delicious new recipes. We tasted chocolate, described it and planned our own. 

Then we had to design our own wrappers. We used the work of pop artist Andy Warhol to inspire us. We also looked carefully at different colour combinations and how complementary colour work. 

Finally, we wrote and filmed our own adverts using the best adjectives we could think of to make our chocolate sound appealing.

Finally, as it was Christmas, we made snowmen!