Year 1 - Autumn 2


We began our learning journey by going on an Autumn walk, venturing down the lane and into the countryside! We looked closely to see what changes were happening. Back in class we discussed these in detail and together we made a word bank to support our writing.

We enjoyed reading about the adventures of Leaf Man. During our Autumn walk we collected leaves and created our own Leaf Animals. The children then used their designs to make leaf stick puppets. They used these to create their own leaf stories.

We learnt about prepositions and positional language and used all the wonderful vocabulary from the book to plan and write our own Leaf Animal books.

In Growing Time we have been doing some colour mixing and creating our own Autumn colour wheels, using the leaves we collected and ones we found outside our classroom over the half term to see how the colours changed.


During Maths, we have been developing our addition skills by focusing on adding in groups of 2, 5 and 10. We have used lots of practical resources such as numicon, counters and money to help us. We wrote matching number sentences, too!

We also learnt about non-standard measure and measured the length of objects and ordered them from largest to smallest.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

As we got closer to Christmas we have a surprise parcel arrive at school addressed to the Rabbits Class. IIt was covered in green slime and whoever dropped it off left green, slimy footprints in our classroom!

We had lots of fun prediction who our parcel was fun using the clues. We read the book a few pages at a time and did lots of fun and exciting reading and writing jobs. We read some examples of diaries and learnt all about their features.  At the end of our learning journey we planned and wrote a diary extract pretending to be The Grinch!

We also talked about what made Christmas special and decided that it was spending time with our family and friends, not just the presents!

In Growing Time Rabbits have been learning about Toys. We have researched old and new toys and compared them. We also looked at how toys change as we grow older and created our own toy timeline.