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Welcome to the Hedgehogs Class home learning page. This contains activities you can do with your child at home during the period they are self-isolating. We will be updating you daily.

Look out for daytime and bedtime stories on Tapestry!

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Mrs Snook and Mrs Butler 

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Using 5 sticks of various lengths. Can you put them in the correct order from longest to shortest? Tell your grown up how you know which stick is the longest/shortest. Take a picture of your sticks in the correct order and put it on to Tapestry. 



 Take one of the sticks from your collection from the previous day, go on a hunt around your house and your garden. Look for objects which are longer than and shorter than your stick. Challenge yourself....... Can you find anything the same length as your stick?


Today, we are going to learn how to measure accurately using our sticks. Take one of your sticks and ask your grown up to help you measure yourself.....How many sticks tall are you? Try measuring Mummy or Daddy and don't forget your favourite teddy! 



We are going to focus on weighing using things around your home. Collect 3 different objects in your home and see if you can sort them from the heaviest to the lightest and put them in the correct order from heaviest to the lightest? How do you know?

Challenge yourself and find another 2 objects where would they go in your comparing weights order? Use yourself as a set of human scales to check your weighing. 



Using your 3 objects from the previous day learning. Can you go on a weight hunt around your house or garden and find an object heavier than/lighter than and something that weights the same? Try to use all 3 objects and take a photo of your collections. Tell your grown up how you know?

What did you notice?

Were all the heavy things big?

Were all the small things light? 



Daily Activate:

Physical activity is really important to keep us happy and healthy and to develop our gross motor skills.

Here are the links to some of the sessions we use in school...join in with your child and have fun!


This week our Literacy work is based around the text Stanley's Stick. The children can listen to the story here, or watch Mrs Butler read it on Tapestry.



  • Ask your child to re-tell the story in their own words. Draw some pictures that show the sequence of the story 


  • What is Stanley like? How do you know?
  • How does Stanley feel when he loses his stick?-Why? Have you ever lost something special? How did you feel? Draw a picture that shows this.


  • Collect a stick from your garden or ask a grown-up to find you a stick from a park or woods. What does your stick feel/ look/ smell like? Say or write the words, or ask your grown up to write them. Make a word bank. 


       What does your stick remind you of? - What         could it be? Use your imagination; think of             Stanley's Stick as a fishing rod, dinosaur etc.         Take a photo and say or write a sentence to            go with it  "My stick is..."


  •  Create your own story called "..........'s Stick", telling me about some of your stick adventures!

Phonics and reading

This week in phonics we are looking at initial letter sounds, the first letter sounds in words. 

Monday: Play "I Spy" with your child, using objects from the environment and stressing the initial sound

Tuesday: Find a selection of objects and place them on a tray. Say each object, identifying its initial sound. Remember to use the "pure" sound ie "p" (a breath) rather than "p-uh" as this is very important when children are reading and de-coding words.

Wednesday: The letter "s". Go around the house and garden collecting items that begin with the letter "s". Emphasise the sound at the beginning of the word and ask your child to say the name of the object after you.

Thursday: Collect a cup, hat, zip. Hold each object and "sound out" the letters in the word eg "z-i-p" then blend together "zip". Ask your child to have a go; the blending of the individual sounds is very important. Repeat for other objects.

Friday: Play "I Spy" but this time using objects with the same initial sounds eg "c". How many objects can you find in a minute beginning with the same initial sound?



Keep reading and sharing books with your child daily. 

Oxford Owl have a free e-book library which you can access using the following link:


Extra activities - have fun!

  • Mark-make with your stick in soil, sand, flour, dough...whatever you have available at home. Write letters from your name, shapes or patterns. Have fun with your stick marks!
  • Make sensory sticks by decorating a stick using lots of different objects - think about textures eg pasta, cotton wool, etc
  • Collect different types of leaves from your garden - crumpled, smooth, broken, nibbled, dry, wet, smallest, longest etc
  • Using Lego or blocks can you make a long road for your vehicle?
  • Practise writing numbers to 10...make sure they are the right way round! Use a pencil, crayon, chalk, sticks in mud etc. Number patter here.
  • Collect some objects from your garden. Roll the dice and count out the corresponding number using your careful counting.
  • Thinking about weighing make some cakes or biscuits. Remember to measure carefully!