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EYFS Spring 2

We pressed twigs, leaves, fir cones and flowers into rolled out clay. These were then fired and we painted them with a colour wash.

We used coconut milk, flour and sugar to make pancakes. We felt the ingredients, mixed them and whisked the batter. Then we tasted the cooked pancakes...yum!

Mr Wolf wants to make some pancakes but he doesn't know how. Can Hedgehogs class help him to find a recipe, write a list, count his money, make the pancakes and eat them?

After generating a range of words to describe delicious food, we then sorted them on our "zone of relevance" targets, green being the best adjective and red being the least relevant.

Each week we have a focus word which we practise by saying, writing and making it.

As part of our book week we had a special visitor who came and shared traditional stories with us.

Our outdoor physical growing time gives us the chance to develop our gross motor skills and ride alongside our friends!

The interactive whiteboard is a great way to practise our correct letter formation. We find the rhyming number patter really helps us too.

Making recipes at the mud kitchen is so much fun!