EYFS Spring 1

Blue Kangaroo appeared in our classroom with a note asking us to look after him. We read the Blue Kangaroo story to find out why he needed our help. 

We found posters around the school telling us that Blue Kangaroo was lost. We wanted to help to find his owner!

We used the iPad to take photos of our own toys. Then we wrote labels for them and found ways to improve them by adding details. 

We read the adjectives and sorted them to describe the tiger pictures, using the magnetic words.

We described Blue Kangaroo and discussed the best adjectives for his lost poster eg tiny, cuddly, soft, blue.

Read this half term's curriculum bulletin here.

We found a shopping list which had tiger food as one of its items! What could this mean?

We told different addition stories. We found our own way to record these and used part whole models to help us. 

We sorted words to describe Blue Kangaroo and talked about how he felt at different points of the story.

We mapped the story and re-told it using these props

One of our weekly challenge jobs was to draw a picture of a wild tiger, using one of our plastic models. We tried hard to notice the detail of features and stripes.