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Monday's Task

All our maths tasks will be about The Great Pet Sale this week. 

Task: You only have 2p and 5p coins. Which animals could you pay for exactly using these coins? 

Challenge: How many dragons could you buy if you had £1? 

Don't forget £1 = 100p 


Click HERE for a list of pet prices!!! 


Today, see if you can answer these questions! 

  • What is the total of all the pets behind the plastic rock? 
  • What's the total value of the pets on the perch that begin with 'p'?
  • How much do all the pets with shells on cost altogether? 
  • What change would you get from 20p if you bought all the animals on the perch that begin with 'p'? 
  • How many groups of pets can you find that have a total of 20p? 


Task 1: How many ways can you make 50p with different coins? Don't forget, the coins have to be real.....no 7p or 4p coins please Squirrels!!! 

e.g. 20p + 20p + 5p + 5p = 50p 

Task 2: What is the largest number of pets you could buy with 50p? Would you get any change? Why?




Today you need to write a shopping list of the pets you would like to buy. 

What is the total cost of the pets you would like to buy? Should you pay with a £1 coin or a 50p coin? Will you get any change? 

Ask your family what they would like to buy too, how much change will you need to give your family members? 


For the last week of the Pet Sale, all the prices are halved.

What would each pets new price be?

What price would you give the rat?

Supposing that after the sale all the prices doubled.

What would each pet cost now?

How much would it cost now for the boy to buy them all?


Maintaining my most important skills

Keep practising your tables using the times tables dial in your packs. To refresh your brains after Easter, think of all the number bond fact families that you can for the number 10. e.g.

8 + 2 = 10

2 + 8 = 10

10 - 2 = 8

10 - 8 = 2 


Once you have done this for 10 try and do it for some other 2 digit numbers. 


Monday's Task

This week we are going to be thinking about this fabulous story; The Great Pet Sale

Task: Choose your favourite animal from the book. Draw a picture of the animal and then write an explanation about why it is your favourite. 

Challenge: Find some interesting facts about your chosen animal. How will you write your facts up? 


Can you remember when we wrote our 'Wanted, the perfect pet' posters? 


Task: Choose your favourite pet from the story, and imagine.....IT HAS ESCAPED FROM THE SHOP!!!!!! DUN DUN DUNNNNNN. 


The shop keeper has asked you to make the wanted posters for the pet!!! What will the reward be if someone finds it? How will you describe it so people know eactly what to look for? 


If you want to make a poster for a different pet instead (I know one Squirrel LOVES sharks...) then go for it! 


Click HERE for a lost poster template.


You're going to start thinking about the rat's feelings today. The rat keeps telling the boy to pick him instead in the story. 


Listen to the story and imagine you are the rat. 

Task: draw a thought bubble and write down all the things the rat might be thinking to itself each time the boy goes to talk to a new pet. Why might the rat be feeling that way? What else might it be thinking to itself? 


Using the thoughts you came up with for the rat on Wednesday...Try and write a diary entry from the rat's point of view today. 


Dear diary


When I woke up today I felt hopeful that today might be my day! I got out of bed and brushed my fur ready for a new day. Would this be the day I'd finally get a new home? 



Challenge: Write a diary entry for another animal in the shop. What would another animal be thinking as the boy looks at all the different pets for sale? 


Here is a real challenge today!!! 


Can you plan your own version of the story? If you decide to have a go at this challenge, you need to change the type of shop! Will it be a dinosaur shop, a robot shop....or something even crazier? 


Draw out each part of your own version of the story and make a note next to the picture about what is happening. 


What else can I write about? 

I know lot's of you have been using your stickers in your hoe learning packs. What exciting things have you written about them? 


If you would like some other pictures to write about have a look at this website! The picture changes every day and you can also have a look at all the other pictures by going to the 'pick a day' option in the top right hand corner. 

Spelling rule of the week

We are going to think about the wr sound this week

Task: choose some of your favourite books at home (or in the book corner if you are in school)...How many words beginning with wr can you find? 

Task 2: Have a go at this task today. Can match them all up? Click in the image for the whole task! 

Task 3: Have a go at this activity today! Don't look at the answers until you've had a good go! 

Task 4: Have a go at this activity today!!! 

Task 5: Use THIS WORDBANK to write either a crazy story or some crazy sentences with 'wr' words in! 

Tricky word of the week





Practise spelling this word using the strategies you have used before in school.


  • rainbow writing
  • back to front writing
  • pyramid spellings
  • spiral spellings 
  • bubble writing.