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Please be aware that any links on this page will take you to external websites, Please supervise your child if they are using an external website. 

Maths tasks this week

This week is all about number bonds (pairs of numbers that make up a given number such as 10). Practise your number bonds for number up to to 20. Use the part whole models in your packs to help you. 


  • Click here for a quick fire maths game to help you practise your number bonds. You can practise bonds to 10 and 20. You can challenge yourself with bonds to 100 if you are really confident with your bonds to 20! 
  • Practise your bonds to 10 in an active way here. You could make up your own actions for other number bonds!
  • Here is another online game to help you become really fluent with those bonds!
  • How many ways can you find to represent different number bonds? Can you pair up the numbers in a pack of playing cards? Draw ladybirds with spots? Write number sentences? Make a jigsaw? Create a board game?

English task this week

In class we have been reading "What Do You Do if Your House is a Zoo? You can share the book again here.


If you were the perfect pet, what would you be? How would you describe yourself?

Use the word bank to write a description or add some words of your own. 

Complete a role on the wall for your perfect pet using the model role on the wall in your packs to help you. 

Sound of the day

Today is the time to consolidate this week's sounds:

Splat the sound. Put each sound on a post it note or piece of paper and splat the sound you hear in each word.


Play North, South, East, West by putting a sound in each corner of the room and running to the corresponding sound in each word. Make this harder by choosing one sound at a time and using the different graphemes, e.g:

ay, ai, a-e, ei  (day, plain, cake, reins)

ou, ow  (loud, crowd)

ea, ee, e-e, ey  (bean, see, Pete, key)

ie, igh, i-e, y  (pie, sigh, while, sky)


Visit the phonics play website to practise your Phase 5 sounds.


Can you remember any other ways of spelling the sound?

This week's tricky words to read and spell are:

Your child will benefit from regular practice to embed these into their long term memory. Please work on 2-3 words at a time until your child is confident with them.

We have found the following approach useful;

  • Model saying the whole word aloud, drawing a line underneath the word whilst reading. Repeat 7 times.
  • Model using the word in a sentence orally and encouraging your child to do the same.
  • Name each letter in the word and then repeat the whole word, drawing a line underneath the word as you do so. Repeat 7 times.
  • Notice the tricky bits and whether you can see any other words or letter patterns within the word (e.g. the word on is in once)
  • Model tapping the word out on your arm with 2 fingers—one tap for each letter. Then say the word and swipe 2 fingers down your arm as you do so.


Once  children are familiar with these words, they can play games such as bingo or lotto to help them retain these in their long term memory. The trick is to revisit them regularly!