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Start Maths with A Counting Song!


 Numbers of the Day

 Can you make numbers from 1 to 10 using Lego?

Put your numbers in the correct order. ask a grown up to take one away. Which one is missing?



      This week's Maths Focus is.......


  • To begin to use everyday language related to money.
  • To use everyday language to talk about money to compare quantities and solve problems. 

Money Activity

   10p Shop

Using your knowledge of counting in tens create your own 10p shop. Price all the items with a 10p price tag. Ask a grown up to come to your 10p shop. You need to count in 10s to find the total price.


If your customer picks 3 items costing 10p then you need to count on in 10s to find the total.


10 20 30 the total is 30!


Who are you going to be the shop

keeper or the customer?


Happy Shopping!!


Have fun with Maths

You Superstars!!!! 




This week is half term so enjoy a rest and have lots of fun with your family. You might like to do some of these activities.....

Treasure Hunt

Hide some brightly coloured toys around the garden and ask your little one to see if they can find them – make sure you remember which toys you’ve hidden, and most importantly, where! Don’t make it too tricky or your finders will quickly lose interest.

Cloud Shapes

Lie on the ground or trampoline and look for shapes in the clouds.Look up and watch the clouds blowing across the sky – what shapes can you see? What stories can you tell about the shapes in the clouds?

Draw shapes in the dirt with sticks
Use sticks to draw shapes in the dirt – fun and a great way to encourage early writing skills.

Noughts and crosses

Paint Os and Xs on pebbles then play noughts and crosses, using a homemade board – sticks can be used to make a simple grid.

Kim's Game

Ask your child to pick around ten objects for this game – favourite toys, teddies, or household objects such as a wooden spoon would be perfect. Then take them into the garden, along with a blanket. Lay the items out on the ground, ask your child not to look and remove one item.
Which one is missing?

Roll Down a Hill

No explanation required – find a hill, lie on your side at the top and roll!

Build a Den

Den-building isn’t just great fun – it also develops children’s creative thinking, builds their confidence and offers plenty of opportunities for learning. Gather sticks together and use them to test our different structures for your den.


Who doesn’t love clambering on stuff? Great for developing core strength and mobility too.

Homemade Ribbon Sticks

Make your own twirling ribbon sticks by collecting sticks and tying ribbons securely to one end. Your child will have a wonderful time watching the ribbons blow around in the breeze as they wave them in the air.

Create a Magical Garden

Small world play opens up a world of possibilities – use miniature items to create an inviting scene which your child will love to explore. This activity is wonderful for building imagination as children chatter away with their characters and imagine them having real life adventures.

Make your own Marble Run

Use old bits of guttering or pipe to use as routes for marbles or cars. Which is the fastest run?

Make shapes on the Ground

Collect sticks and leaves and use them to create different shapes on the ground – a square with a triangle on top looks like a house. Experiment with different shapes to see what your inventors can create!


…….above all, have a wonderful time! 





This week's book is..



              Monday's job


Teaching Tip


Challenge: .


         Well done! 


Watch this clip to see how clever rats are!


Sound of the day 

This is called a trigraph, which means there are three letter shapes that make one sound. Practise saying the sound several times (pronounced "eye")

Make a sound table at home and collect any items with this sound eg 

Draw some things which have this sound in your home learning book

Practise writing the letter in the air, on your knee, on someone's back (just like we do in class), using the words: 




Write a row of the letters using a pencil

Teaching Tip: Sharp pencil, good pencil grip, comfortable upright sitting position all help. 


This week's tricky word is 

Write this word 5 times in your home learning book each day!

Use your 3 phoneme frame and whiteboard pen to sound out and write:



    (igh is a trigraph- 3 letters that make one sound - so are written in the same box)


Some of you have asked for the Song of Sounds we sing during our phonics lessons. Here is the link.....


 This week's Funky Fingers Jobs

  It's always fun to write with sticks or feathers - great for finger exercises too! Write in soil, sand or flour. Try wetting them and see which is easiest to write in.










See the source image






                 Super job Hedgehogs!