Hedgehogs-            Friday

  Check out this class page for daily challenges! 

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Daily Counting

 Using your number cards from Thursday play number hide and seek. Get a member of your family to hide the number cards around your house or out in the garden. Can you find them all and make a number track? Count along your track to make sure all the numbers are in the correct order.  

Numbers of the Day

Today the Number is 9 and 10!

Count up to 8 and shout the number 9/10

Find 9/10 teddies/toys

Run around and touch 9/10 different objects 

Do 9/10 star jumps

Collect 9/10 things from the garden 

Remember your careful counting!


Maths tasks for this week

We are focusing on combining two groups and addition to 10.

Children begin to combine 2 groups to find how many altogether. They should be given opportunities to do this in many contexts and using real objects.


Maths Finger Gym

Using a coat hanger and 10 pegs ask the children to put the pegs onto the hanger and explore how their number can be partitioned in different ways and recombined to see how many altogether.

 EYFS & KS1 Parent Workshop 20th January 2017

Small World 

Using a small world toys children create their own number stories. I have 4 red cars and three blue cars are in the car park. How many cars do I have altogether? Take turns  creating number stories and using different small world sets. 

Can you draw your number story? 


Outdoor Maths

All you need is a bucket and 10 bean bags or balls of socks! Children throw all 10 items into the bucket. How many items went into the bucket? How many landed on the grass?

Can you write down your combinations.

How many different combinations can you make?


Practise writing your numbers 


Rainbow  number writing

Using paint and brushes

Sand/flour/paint using your finger 

Chalking numbers  


FREE! - Number Formation 1-10 Practice (teacher made)








In Literacy we have been working with the book The Odd Egg. You could remind yourself of the story by clicking on the link below. 

Friday's job

Hedgehogs your job today is to draw a picture of what happened next, after the crocodile hatched from the egg. 

Teaching Tip: Make your picture big and clear and remember to add detail.

Challenge: add a sentence or caption to go with your picture.

Well done! 



Sound of the day

Say the sound several times, making sure it is short and pure "p" not "puh"

Make a sound table at home and collect things beginning with the letter sound.

Draw some things beginning with the letter in your home learning book.

Practise writing the letter in the air, on your knee, on someone's back (just like we do in class) using the rhyme Down to the bottom of the pan handle, back up and round the pan and flick.

Write a row of the letter using a pencil.

Teaching Tip: Don't take your pencil off until you have finished writing the letter


Friday's tricky word is the

Write this word 5 times in your home learning book!

Use your 3 phoneme frame and whiteboard pen to sound out and write:

sad  tat  map  cap  pig

This week's Funky Fingers job


Collect sticks of different shapes and sizes from your garden or while out for a walk. Get different coloured wool, string or ribbon and get wrapping! How many sticks can you cover in 5 minutes?

Amazing work Hedgehogs!