Hedgehogs Class

Summer Activities  


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What could I learn before I go into Rabbits Class?

Can you tick of any of these skills before the end of the summer holidays?

  • tie your own shoe laces
  • pair up a pile of socks
  • hoover your room
  • get dressed all by yourself
  • help write a shopping list
  • make your own bed
  • help with the gardening
  • write your full name
  • name all the different coins
  • count backwards from 20
  • read a book all by yourself
  • write a note to someone in your family
  • peg the washing on the line



 Keep Counting...

Keep your counting skills up by counting up AND down from any number, in 1s, 2s and 10s

Get to know the different coins and their value

Spot shapes in the environment and count the number of sides, corners and faces of everyday 3-D objects such as cereal packets, baked bean tins, football etc

Solve everyday mathematical problems by talking them through eg:

"Will this item fit in this box? Why/ why not?"

"What can I buy with my 20p?"

"If I share 6 cupcakes between 3 of us, how many do we get each?"

Order objects according to size, weight or length and talk through your decisions with a grown up

Play board games - these are great for turn-taking and counting skills, and also great fun!

See the source image

The Summer holidays have arrived! We want you to have lots of fun with your family and friends, exploring new places and finding out new things as you play.

It's also important to keep practising the skills you have learnt so here are a few ideas to help you with this.

Keep Active!

It's more important than ever to keep yourself fit and active by exercising little and often each day. There are lots of different ways to exercise and if you involve friends it can be even better fun!

Here are some ideas...

See the source image

See the source image


Don't forget to look after your mind as well as your body. This means thinking about how we feel and being able to recognise and control our emotions at different times.

These are useful...

Cosmic Yoga 

Relax Kids


        Letter formation

Keep practising your letter formation. Take your time and form each letter correctly, using our helpful rhymes as a guide.                    


Keep up your daily reading and try to sound out the words yourself, looking for those letter sounds we have worked so hard to learn. 

Use our Song of Sounds to help you remember the letter sounds.

 Here is the link...

There are lots of fun games and activities on Phonics Play. They will help to embed your child's knowledge of letter sounds and blending. Here is the link...... https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/

Visit the library!

Lots of our local libraries have started to re-open this week. Check the times before you visit. It's free to join the library and there are thousands of wonderful books out there to enjoy so get stuck into a book!

 Funky Fingers

Keep your fingers and wrists strong by doing lots of Finger Gym activities. These will really help with your pencil control and writing skills. The exercises to concentrate on include squeezing, pinching, reaching, stretching, pulling, cutting, placing, threading, weaving etc.

Here are a few ideas .....


 Coin roll




Cloud dough