Easter Holiday Fun Rabbits

Have an egg and spoon race in your house or garden. If you don't have an egg, have a look round the house to see what else you can use. 

Make a spring origami flower.

Use some old wool, string or strips of paper to "feed the birds" with tweezers. You could draw or make the bird you would like to feed. 

Draw and decorate your own egg with pasta, beads, pebbles and stones from the garden or anything else you can think of. Try different designs. 

Decorate a tree or some twigs with an Easter theme. Draw some pictures to hang on the tree, tie on some ribbons or make some paper flowers. 

Learn the Easter Bunny dance!

Play Easter bingo with your family. Make your own boards or find online versions. 

Sing the Spring Chicken song with your family.

Print some Easter pictures.