New Parents

Welcome to all our new parents who have children joining us in September 2020.

How can you help prepare your child for beginning school?

  • Talk positively and confidently about starting school. Share the social story on our website with them regularly. Watch the ‘Day in the Life’ PPT together.
  • Speak with your child about the change in their daily routine, how will they get to school, what time they have to get up in the morning and what they will have in their lunch box etc.
  • Develop family routines at home to support your child’s preparation for school e.g. read with your child each night, align your lunchtime to the school lunchtime etc.
  • Read books together about starting school
  • Develop good relationships with other parents, especially other parents of your child’s friends. You can start building relationships with existing parents via our Newtown Soberton Infant School Facebook group.

Hello! We are going to be your new teachers when you start school and we wanted to share a story with you. We hope you enjoy it and we can't wait to meet you all soon! Love Mrs Snook and Mrs Butler

Here are some more bedtime stories read by Mrs Butler and Mrs Snook...

Virtual Art and Craft activity

We would love you to do this activity with your child at home so that we can display their art work in their new classroom!

School Readiness Leaflet

Advice to help build your child's confidence so that they start school with enthusiasm; curious and ready to learn.

Click here to download

What to Expect When

This booklet has been written to help parents
know what to expect during the first 5 years of your child's life which is a vitally important time. The booklet explains the seven areas of learning and development which are covered in the EYFS. 

Welcome to Newtown Soberton Infant School..a social transition story for our new Year R children