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'Operation Outdoors'

The first week of the summer term was 'Operation Outdoors' our environmental week. 

The new National Curriculum for Science puts much greater emphasis on children learning about the diversity within their local environment so the purpose of the week was 'to learn about variation with local species of animals, insects and plants'.

The activities during the week included environmental challenges for all classes as well as a whole school trip to Hilliers Arboretum.

Discovery Dog's Challenges

Discovery Dog was our special visitor at the launch assembly and he gave a challenge  to each year group for the week.

  • Hedgehogs class were asked to find out about the Senses and why they are so important to animals to help them survive.
  • Rabbits class were challenged to find out which insects and animals live in our school grounds and create a fact book all about them.
  • Squirrels needed to create a map of our school and identify all the trees within it, and also conduct an earth worm survey to see how many different types live within our grounds.

He asked that all children be curious and have fun, which they certainly did! Each year group well and truly got their hands dirty throughout the week!

Rabbits class 'catching bugs'
Rabbits class 'catching bugs'
Squirrels class identifying trees
Squirrels class identifying trees

Hilliers Arboretum Trip

We took full advantage of the fact that we are a small school and planned an opportunity for the children to work in mixed aged groups across the school. The younger children learned so much from having the chance to learn alongside the oldest children in the school!

The day was packed full of fun activities. The children had opportunities to:

  • identify trees through their leaves, they learnt about Evergreens and Deciduous trees as well as identifying some that were not native to our country
  • use our senses in the fragrant sensory garden full of herbs and spices. One child was heard shouting very excitedly "It smells like pizza!" Discussions about how we use plants in cooking followed.
  • explore the beatiful gardens, crossing a wobbly bridge, sneaking through a bamboo jungle and studying the large lake.
  • hunt for mini-beasts under the logs, in the bushes, grass and trunks of the trees. The children were given idenification charts to help them name the animals found.
  • explore the man made ponds which were teaming with wildlife. The children were particularly excited at finding two different kinds of newt.

The weather was fantastic and the experiences were all memorable for both children and adults!

Andy Goldsworthy Art

Andy Goldsworthy is a brilliant British artist who collaborates with nature to make his creations. The children explored a number of his creations and were then challenged to create their own masterpieces in small groups on the playground...

Parent Planting Day

The wonderful week concluded with a huge weeding and planting frenzy both in our classroom, outdoor areas and at the front of our school. Parents were invited in to plant alongside their children. We planted some vegetables in re-used pallets at the front of the school grounds and hope to have some carrots, lettuce and French beans before long!

Book Week 

The aim of the book week was to raise the profile of reading and love of books among the children.

The staff planned a host of fun activities and challenges to engage the children in reading and writing about a variety of books. Here is a sample of some of the events that took place during the week.

Reading is fun!

Author Visit

The very successful author Jeanne Willis came to visit us on the first day of our Book Week. She talked about where she got the inspiration for lots of her picture books. She showed us lots of photos of her pets and explained that she loved animals which is why lots of her books are about animals. 

Click on the photo to visit her website

Jeanne read us the story Bog Baby, she told us that her and her sister really did visit the pond in the story when they were small! 

Jeanne spent time in each class. Some children created collage Bog Babies and some children made Bog Babies from clay.

Our Book Fair

Teddy Bears Picnic

On Wednesday the children were invited to bring their teddy bear in to school for a picnic. The children were encouraged to create a disguise and sang the clasic song on their journey to the picnic.

During the afternoon the children were read bear stories, enjoyed a snack together, watched short bear story cartoons and played with the parachute

Enjoying new books!

Book Character Day

On Friday the whole school dressed up as their favourite book character and brought the book into school to share with their friends.

We had an assembly so we could 'show off' our costumes.

In the afternoon we had hot chocolate and shared our favourite stories with each other.

Recycling Week

The purpose of this week was to raise the children's awareness of the three 'R's' Recycle, Reduce and Reuse. The staff plan a week of exciting activities that promote reducing our carbon footprint.

Recycling Rachel

We had a visit from Recycling Rachel right at the beginning of the week. She taught the children about the 'Famous Five' which are the five materials that Hampshire currently recycles.

Recycling Rachel turned the classrooms into recycling factories! The children had an opportunity to sort the rubbish from a working conveyer belt!

Scrapheap Challenge

This year's Scrapheap Challenge was to design and make a scarecrow using recycled materials. The children were put into mixed age groups and worked as a team to agree the design of their scarecrow. All teams then went into the hall to build their 'themed' scarecrow.

After the children made the scarecrows they voted to see which three scarecrows would be entered into the Winchester Cathedral annual scarecrow competition. The other scarecrows were used to decorate the path leading to the church for Harvest celebrations.  

School Assembly

At the end of the week we invited all parents in to an assembly where the children were able to share their new learning with an audience!

Recycling Rachel came back to the school to see what the children had learnt and set them a challenge to make an animal out of a recycled can.

FONS also set us a challenge to 'Pile up the Playhouse' with old clothes and bric-a-brac which will be sold to raise money for the school.

Our amazing 'Canimals'